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This page should help you find answers to common questions during bootcamp, as well as provide other resources that keep you on track and getting the most out of your time here.

I want this page to be a resource to all you boot campers to learn and grow from your experience

Frequenly Asked Questions

For those of you that prefer video format, I try to cover most of the QA questions in videos and will post them here.

Here are some of the common questions from other bootcampers and hopefully some answers to help. Click to questions show the answers.

Can you please define “systemic work?” How's it different from hypertrophy?

"I notice the at home program is systemic and the gym program is hypertrophy.  Are both equally as effective?"

Really high level here, systemic work taxes the whole system or your body as a whole, while hypertorphy literally means to grow muscle in size.

There are 3 ways that muscles can grow, but to go in depth on this requires an in-depth explanation, and something I have spent a lot of time and money to learn. I recommend to those that want to learn these topics deeply on their own as well.

In the near future I'll provide some distilled versions of each of the phases that will help you get the gist of what they mean and how we use them to achieve results.

They are not to be compared to each other in one being more effective than the other. Any more than you would compare scissors as more or less effective than a lawn mower. They each have their purposes to achieve a specific outcome or adaptation in your body.

What if I want to do more cardio?

If it's more "gym" cardio like stair steppers, or treadmills, or stationary bikes, I'm going to say no. But if its activities with friends like mountain biking, or skiiing or something, then totally fine.

The reason is, more cardio just for cardio is not worth it and it's just adding more variables to what we can track without any other real life benefit.

If you are doing activities that are enriching your lifestyle, then I don't believe that your fitness goals should get in the way of you enjoying active ventures with friends and family that make your life better or richer.

Do I need to follow the macros you gave me exactly?

Yes. Plus or minus 5 grams of each macronutrient is fine. But changing your macros daily and not following the plan...not okay.

I'm sure you want to know why.

You may or may not be familiar with the scientific method. But it's a strong basis for how coaching works. You have to reduce the number of variables to figure out which variables have the biggest impact on the desired outcome.

So if you don't follow the macros (and we know that macro nutrition is a very large player in body composition) then how do we figure out which macronutrient portions are affecting your body composition in support of your goal? We don't.

When you don't follow your macros, you hinder my effectiveness as a coach. So I guess the best answer to this question is, If you want me to be the best coach for you that I can be, then yes, you must follow the macros as precisely as you are reasonably able. If not, then no, you don't need to follow them exactly 😉

Can we walk around in between sets? Or do we have to just rest and chill?

Walking around or not, doesn't matter. Just don't exert yourself between sets.

You see a lot of people that like to do jumping jacks or mountain climbers or some sort of energy expense in between their lifting sets. That completely changes the stimulus of the workout and is not the way I program.

You steal a lot of energy from the sets and make it harder to get the stimulus that the programs are built to aim for whether it's building muscle, burning fat or body recomposition.

Should I be hitting a certain number of steps each day? Rest days?

I recommend aiming for 8k - 10k per day, but don't obsess about it. Getting a grip on healthy food relationship and consuming the right amounts is more impactful. Once that is all in good balance, then adding some effort in your NEAT energy expenditure can be a little bonus to your overall efforts.

How do I log weights? Full weight? or just one dumbbell or side of the exercise?

This matters less to me, but whatever you do, you'll want to follow the same process for the same exercises all the time. Some people prefer to log total weight. It may change from exercise to exercise. If you want to log 15lbs for your curls because you did 15lbs in each hand, that's fine.

It's really a self-management system that you just need to decide on in order to track your own progressions with the exercise over time.

What's the best way to ask questions?

"I have so many questions, should I email them to you? How soon will you be able to answer those emails?

You will have questions that you feel are unique to you and I want you to email me those. I will try to answer them, but may not always be able to promptly. I will collate them and answer them to the group so that everyone can benefit from them wherever possible. The only downside to this is it may be a bit of a delay before you get answers to your questions. Typically direct or more elaborate answers to these types of questions through email is what my 1 on 1 coaching offers. Boot Camp is a good in-between for getting some extra personalization to your nutrition and cardio but is not quite the full service consulting and custom coaching that 1:1 provides.

I'm going to a hotel, what should I do for my workout?

These situations will always come up, just do the best you can to do with whatever is available. Prepare ahead, call or lookup what is at the hotel, bring what you need, or just sacrifice the workout days. All of the choice have trade-offs, it just comes down to what's it's worth to you :)

Do I HAVE to carb cycle if it causes me digestive problems or other issues?

Carb cycling can be very beneficial for many people, but it's not the end-all-be-all. The idea is prioritizing the type of fuel that your body needs for the time and context that it needs it. That is around workouts and on workout days, you typically need more carbs, and on rest days and recovery, you need less carbs, and can use more fats as a source of energy and hunger satiety.

RDLs and lower back pains

"RDLs - I am really having trouble doing them. I can't seem to not use my lower back and this is where I have been having pain recently. Which alternative exercises might I do instead?"

Typically this is an out-of-range problem going too low, that causes you to engage your lower back muscles. You can search for tips and find the RDL Tips video where i talk about this a bit.

Review this IG post here for more tips:

Or this video I go over some tips on RDLs

Does it matter if cardio sessions come before or after lifting?

Post-workout or on rest-day is just fine. You don't want to do it before lifting otherwise it will exhaust you before your lifts and diminishes your potential results from the lifting.

You posted a veggie list on IG a few weeks ago saying not to track these veggies - does this count for us in bootcamp as well?

Yes, generally speaking I will suggest not tracking green and other really low calorie dense veggies. There are some that will abuse this advice and eat extreme volumes of veggies, this is not good either though. Not as much because of the calories, but more because of the digestive issues it can create. So keep that in mind.

What do I do if the weight is too light to go to failure, but the step up to next weight is too heavy?

"I don't hit failure on 5 rounds 12 reps with 5kg, but 6lkg is still too much. What do you recommend I do to hit failure with 5kg? More reps? Or a 4 count tempo? What do you think is the best option?"

This is a bit tricky, and each scenario can be a little unique. Generally speaking, when there's not an in-between step on weights (I experience this sometimes too) I recommend just adding some extra high quality reps at the end to hit or get closer to failure. But in this specific case, I'd say you probably have enough energy to start with 6kg sooner, and lower the reps.

Thoughts on using creatine and sucralose?

I recommend creatine to every healthy adult, as its benefits are good for both hypertrophy, but also cognition and brain function.

Sucralose, I don't have any strong opinions about it, and leave that up to the individual.

What if my right and left side strength is not the same or is imbalanced?

"I can feel a significant imbalance in my  left and right leg and glute muscles. Split squats for example are super hard on my left compared to my right. Would you recommend an extra set on my left or more reps"

This is a great question. Unilateral work helps a lot here, and rather than trying to "add more" to compensate for a weak side, it's best to just start with the weaker side, then match the same set/reps with the stronger side. Over time, they will even out and you'll feel balanced.

Do you have any thoughts on warming up and stretching?

Doing a 5-10 min walk or stairs before working out is good to warm up your heart, and then you'll want to do 1-2 warmup sets before getting into the working sets. The listed sets in the program is "working sets" which doesn't account for a warmup set or two that gets the blood into the muscle.

How much does access to the Lifting Lindsay App cost?

As of Dec, 2020 listed price is $47/month for full access to all the training programs, tips, macro calculator, and website members content.

What certifications do you have?


N1 Biomechanics and program design

Precisions Nutrition Level 1

Can I gift the app to someone else?

Currently there is not a gifting program, but if you send me an email to we can figure something out.

I don't know how to lift weights, will I be able to use the app?

Yes. There are videos I've added on form and execution you can use to learn the lifts. And I am always adding more, so send me your requests as you need them!

More FAQ's to be added

Not all the questions have been added yet, and will continue to trickle in as well as adding new questions as you ask them!