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No more wandering into the gym, performing a few exercises and kind of hoping and praying that this leads me to my goals. Right? No more of that. It doesn't matter if your goals are fat loss, body recomp or building muscle. I have a program in the app that is tailored specific towards your goals. So that will give you the confidence to just go in and work hard, knowing that the program.

No matter your goal, I've added a program for you.

There are plenty of programs already to match to your goal. Pick your goal, find the group that matches. Join the group, grab a program and get started!

Nutrition Guidance +Β Macro Calculator

You know that nutrition is a huge part of your fitness goal. So I've added a link under "Resources"Β in the app to a macro calculator that you can use that makes it easy to dial in your macros.

The macro calculator is not like your traditional calculators where it tells you what to eat, and you follow along blindly. It's a tool to let YOU decide your macros specifically based on your goal and the nutrition guides.

You can also visit https://macros.liftinglindsay.com directly to access the calculator.

This will take some learning, so have patience with yourself, and with me as I add to the educational materials to help you understand how to match your nutrition to your training.

First things to do

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Here's a recording of me using the app to get started