BootCamper Supplies Guide

Home Workout Training Supplies

It can be hard generalizing home workouts because everyone's equipment may vary. You may have a very limited space and only a few dumbbells. Others have gathered a lot more equipment and have racks, and bars. These home workouts are tailored for a modest, bands, bench, dumbbells home gym.

You’ll need

  • Bands - You can start out with 2 red bands from WODFitters. I like these ones the most because they are the most versatile. Also the round hollow bands are known for snapping.
  • Door hook & Handles - You will need a door hook or a way of attaching the bands from the floor, about mid height, or high, like at the top of your door. I have had clients attach hooks in their garage too so they don’t have to worry about the door hook.
  • Wedges - there are exercises that will ask for your heel to be elevated with a wedge. Amazon sells a variety of foam wedges but under the pressure of weights and exercises they may not hold their shape for longer than a few months. I personally love PrimeFitness wedges They are high quality, metal and will last.

Use code liftinglindsay to save a little with any PrimeFitness purchase.

  • You can also get creative and use other objects around your house for wedges. Some use the handles of their dumbbells, or the end of a weight.
  • Bench  ETHOS  Is the bench i recommend with the price and quality is one of the best for home workouts.

For those more serious Prime has an incredible bench . It’s pricier than Ethos, but has amazing attachments and additional features that can be awesome for a home gym.  

Gym Workout

Most gyms will allow you to borrow these items, but there are some who will still choose to get their own.

My Amazon favorites has links to most of these. Here

  • Bands
  • Prime fitness wedges (nice but not necessity) code liftinglindsay for discount
  • Ankle Straps - Some gyms have these that you can borrow. If not, i really love how these ankle straps have a wrap around the bottom of your foot.


Food Scale - look for one that tracks in .01g high accuracy.

Recipe books for easy meals that already have the macros figured out

I highly suggest buying Lillie Eats and Tells Recipe books

Macro friendly recipes - This book helps you with your meal prep. She has different large batches of delicious proteins that you can make, then followed with numerous recipes for lunches or dinners that you can make from the protein. I’ll make 2-3 batches of your chicken, pork or turkey recipes, and then throughout the week we use them to make quick dishes that usually are only 5-10 minutes to throw together.

One - This is her latest book and i really prefer this for our family dinners. Everything in it is delicious. All the recipes are high protein to help you hit your goals. And i love that she has figured out the macros for me!

Link Here

One of the best things is just get on Pinterest and put in macro friendly recipes. You’ll discover a lot of people who have done all the work for you in creating wonderful high protein recipes that already have the macros and serging sizes in grams.