Be Strong: Recipes

Buffalo Pizza

g protein
g fat
g carbs


  • 80g Cooked 99% Fat free chicken breast, cut up
  • Frank's RedHot Buffalo Wing Hot Sauce, to taste
  • 1 Josephs' Pita Bread
  • 2 tbsp Bolt House Farms Ranch Dressing
  • 25g Mozzarella Cheeses, Simple Truth Organic
  • Diced Tomatoes, to taste
  • Diced Cilantro, to taste


  1. Turn on oven to broil
  2. Add 1 tbsp Ranch Dressing to the Pita bread, set on oven pan
  3. Mix chicken with Buffalo sauce, this is 0 calories, I usually put on 3-4 tbsp. You can add more. I’ve also added some ranch seasoning to this mix too and it was yummy. So many options for these pizzas.
  4. Top the pita with the chicken. Add cheese, diced tomatoes, and cilantro
  5. Broil till cheese is melted. Once the cheese is melted, add some lettuce to the top (if desired) and drizzle another tbsp of the ranch dressing on!
  6. Enjoy!

I love really low calorie meals like this because It leaves room for so much more, you can add some fruit, or a few thin oreos and I feel full and satisfied.