Checking In with Pictures and Measurements

We’ll use a few different tools to track progress. We look at trends over to time to make sure things are moving in the direction we want.


Go to the bathroom, then weigh first thing in the morning before eating or drinking anything.

Some girls may choose to weigh themselves daily, but it’s not required. If you have a bad relationship with the scale, I recommend avoiding this. For some girls it may be the worst approach mentally and emotionally.

The scale is just 1 tool. Please don’t read into it too much. Many times other measuring tools trump what the scale says. Please dont choose some random number that you have to see the scale move down at or else it’s not working.



Your check-in will ask for weekly measurements.

*Important - Make sure that the measuring tape is flat against the skin and tight, but that it doesn’t pull your skin in.

  1. Chest - Directly under the breasts, as high as possible.
  2. High waist - Narrowest point, typically above the belly button.
  3. Hips - Around the widest part of your hips and glutes
  4. Quad - The largest point of your upper thigh
  5. Bicep - Middle of the bicep, with arm hanging relaxed.

Progress pictures

We’ll take at least 3 progress pictures at each check-in.

Choose the same place, time, lighting, and bikini or underwear. This helps the comparison between check-ins.

  1. Front relaxed - full body - with your arms relaxed to your sides
  2. Side relaxed - full body - with arms extended forward
  3. Back relaxed - full body - with arms relaxed by your sides

If you want to track muscle growth you can do post workout gym flexies and send those in, or you can do check in morning flexies. How you choose to flex and stand will be mainly up to you although you can see a few options in the video here. You’ll want to choose flexing poses that will highlight what you are trying to build.

  1. Front flexing
  2. Side flexing
  3. Back flexing