Intro To Training

One concept that is new for most girls is that their lifting training program isn’t meant to be something where they go in and try to burn as many calories as possible.

There is a smarter way to train.

What we are trying to do instead is create a stimulus in the body that causes the body to change.


Certain types of programming will allow us to evoke a reaction in the body, and the body creates adaptations to that stimulus.

  • Certain types of metabolic training bring about
  • Release of Growth Hormone - which helps burn fat and boost metabolism
  • Increased tolerance to stress
  • Increased mitochondria (energy) production

These benefits are far greater than any short term calories burned. We actually create a better environment for the body to lose body fat. Many times it only takes 30-40 minutes lifting to stimulate that response. Which is why we shouldn’t spend time focusing on hours in the gym.

We use training to stimulate this environment, and then we use training and splashes of cardio, when appropriate and needed cardio, to drive body fat further down.


probably the most misunderstood and misused and abused tool we have for fat loss. It’s not required for fat loss. In fact, i have a lot of clients who do fat loss with little to no cardio, depending on the individual.