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Basic Coaching : Make fitness YOUR lifestyle

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Through basic coaching we'll break down the barriers that are getting in the way of your fitness goals.

Finally see the results you've been working so hard to get. Remove your limits, establish foundations, and propel your progress.

  • Custom nutrition plan
  • Habit / fitness lifestyle coaching
  • Bi-weekly accountability progress check-ins
  • Private Facebook group community
  • Custom cardio plan, if needed
  • Structured path to success

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Nutrition Coaching to Fit Your Lifestyle


Making lifestyle changes is hard. Like really hard. I know because with all the women I've coached, the most challenging hurdles are at the beginning of their journey.

Changing too many lifestyle aspects at once can feel impossible.


By overcoming the limiting factors of your fitness journey, we set you up for long term success.

You'll check-in bi-monthly sending pictures, and reporting feedback points to evaluate your progress and determine next steps.


You'll get a custom plan specific to your personal limiting factors.

These plans are tailored to eating behaviors, food choices, life skills, mindset, and environment.

What Basic Coaching Looks like

Custom Nutrition Plan

Nutrition is the biggest and most impactful change for most people improving their health and fitness lifestyle.

You decide what foods to eat that fit your plan, according to your preference and enjoyment.

Bi-Monthly Check-ins

Every two weeks, you will check-in with me to report measurements, plan compliance, measurements, and other inputs.

You'll send in pictures, and report your energy, sleep, bowels, and other feedback points that help me evaluate your body's response.

Facebook Group*

Here you can get encouragement from one another to do your best and keep striving even when its hard.

There are a lot of common tips and others that are in a similar place as you that love to share. That's what the Facebook group is for.

*Starting Summer 2021

Establish your foundations, then transform!

Basic coaching helps you to establish nutrition and fitness habits that can set you up for long-term lifestyle transformation that keeps you progressing for years into the future.

I tried hours of cardio, salads, green juice drinks, nothing worked till I learned how to eat smart, and train smart. Then my body transformed.

How does Basic Coaching work?

Custom Nutrition Plan

Depending on where you are in your fitness journey, will determine what your nutrition plan looks like.

My goal is to help you make living a fit life more effortless by helping you to eliminate the road blocks and limiting factors of nutrition for you. That may be starting with a portion-size based nutrition plan, or a detailed daily macronutrient plan.

You'll have the flexibility of choosing how you hit your meals per day to meet those portion sizes or macronutrient goals.

You decide what foods to eat that fit your macros, according to your preference and enjoyment.

You get macronutrient targets per day, and I may suggest how you can divide it up. To get full nutrient timing macros per meal you'll want to look at optimized coaching.

If you use one of my exercise plans from the app, then I'll be able to make the nutrition plan very relevant to your training.

Bi-weekly check-ins

Every two weeks you'll check in with me by submitting pictures and answering various feedback questions with the check-in forms.

I use to make check-ins easier for both of us, it helps me evaluate your changes week over week and respond directly in context of those changes.

If compliance was sufficient then I evaluate your feedback and measurements and make adjustments if necessary.

If compliance was inufficient, then we work together on how to improve your habits, environment and lifestyle to help align with your goals.

The more detail you can provide, the clearer picture I'll be able to get of how you're doing overcoming specific foundational limiting factors in the plan.

Facebook Group

Starting summer 2021 we will have a Facebook group for all clients. We will use that to share recipes, tips, and videos with each other and build a good cooperative support system.

I encourage you to share recipes and tips of your own that have helped you get compliant with your goals and food plans.

You never know when you can be a help to someone who needs that extra boost, as well as when you'll need that extra boost yourself.

How much does it cost?

“Commitment leads to action. Action brings your dream closer.”

Have patience with yourself and the process, and you will enjoy the journey. A lot of energy goes into learning about how your body responds to different training and nutrition. The longer you are committed to your goal, the better results we can achieve.

What are other people saying?

I found Lindsay on Instagram in 2017. She was different than all the other “influencers” out there and I just fell in love with her educational content. I would always check in on training availability, and she was either full or had a waitlist going (only for the best!) I finally snagged a spot last year, and working with her has been awesome. She changed the way I train and I have gained so much knowledge from her. Not only does she offer training advice, but has so much wisdom to share about life lessons and goals, and is a shining light of positivity!

Jamie Gruzlewski

I can’t believe the changes I’ve experienced with Lindsay both mentally and physically. I had never lifted before and my nutrition was all over the place. She shares so much knowledge and encouragement and has made me feel like I know what I’m doing in the gym. I can’t wait to see what changes we will achieve in the future

Tenille Rollins

I have been working with Coach Lindsay for a month now. I love the personalized instruction. I have done many fitness apps, but nothing is like having workouts and macros personalized just for me. I have already felt different and the knowledge she’s given me and helped me to grow . Our journey is just beginning, and I have no doubt I’ll reach all my goals with her help. She’s very prompt to answer questions and gives great information backed up by science. I love her !!!

Nicole Averett

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get a custom nutrition plan?

Yes, you’ll be assigned personal macros, with some suggestions about post exercise nutrition. These macros may be adjusted at check ins depending on how things are going.

The type of nutrition plan you're assigned will be based on your level of ability to comply or follow a plan. For some, a simple guided portion size plan may be where we start first, then work our way towards actually tracking macronutrients and following a more specific plan.

Sometimes there's confusion on the difference between "macronutrient programming" and a meal plan.

I won't be prescribing exact foods for you to eat. I want to leave that up to you and your doctor to decide. But within that I give you custom macro targets to hit that match the training I've assigned to you. For the great majority of people, controlling macronutrient quantities (protein, fat, carbohydrates) is all you need to keep progressing.

That said, make sure to eat a diversity of foods to help keep a balance of micronutrients that vary from different macronutrient sources.

Do I need the app for Basic Coaching?

While I don't require it, there are benefits to having the app membership in conjunction with Basic Coaching.

Basic coaching doesn't include training programs, so you can do your own workouts, bring workouts from another resource, or signup for an app membership and use those programs.

Because I wrote the programs available on my app membership, I can more effectively match your nutrition to the training style in those programs.

Do I get check-ins with you on Basic Coaching?

Yes. Every two weeks you will get an email to check-in and send me your progress via

I expect you to take initiative to make sure you access that email and follow through with your check-in. I cannot hover by my inbox and chase you down when you don't check-in.

We’ll review your progress, and feedback on how your body is responding to the current macronutrient protocol and keep you accountable! We may adjust the plan from there when we find it appropriate.

For Basic Coaching - a late check-in is better than no-check-in. So don't tell yourself you'll just wait until next check-in just because you missed check-in on that day. My policy on my response time  to late check-ins may change from time to time, and I will communicate that, so if you're not sure, just ask.

Do I get form critiques?

Form critiques are not part of the Basic coaching plan. That is part of the optimized coaching. If you'd like to learn more about that visit the optimized coaching page.

How do I know how much cardio to do?

As part of your plan you will be assigned cardio, if needed. I like to do only minimal amount of cardio to help based on the goal and stimulus phase. So many of you come to me severely under-eating and overtraining, and I don't want to reinforce that on your body. Healing and progress is what we're after.

Remember basic coaching is about establishing the foundational environment and lifestyle that allows for healthy progression to your fitness goals. It's not about quick-fixes or fast-transformations.

How long do I need to do coaching with you?

That is totally up to you. I have many clients that have been with me for a very long time. Others will work with me for 6 months and then try to venture on their fitness journey independently, and then may or may not come back to coaching when they feel they need more guidance.

There is no right answer to this question, it's up to you and your preferences.